Europa Universalis - Rome

Europa Universalis - Rome 2.2

Europa Universalis: Rome is an strategy game developed by Paradox Interactive

Europa Universalis: Rome is an strategy game developed by Paradox Interactive.
In this game you will have the opportunity to be in the ancient Rome,in the time of the Republic, between the first Punic War and the rise of the Roam Empire.
As you may know this was a turbulent time, full of intrigues, alliances, and fights in the battlefield as well as in the Senate.

You will be able to command more than ten factions, each of one representing different cultures as the Greek,the Egyptian, the Celtic as other ones. Of course that their abilities are very different and their attack mode too.
There are six different units available in the game: militia (standard peasant levy); heavy infantry (such as the legionary); archers (missile troops, such as slingers); cavalry; horse archers (Parthians); and elephant cavalry.

Another important thing is the diplomacy, is some cases is your best choice because your enemy has better armies, or weapons or is bigger than yours.

Graphics and sound
The graphics are very good, the scenarios are incredible. The sound effects are suitable and the soundtrack is not very interesting.

To sum up, If you want to feel like a General of Rome you must play this game.

María Noel Balla
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